We Build Funnels, So You Don't Have To...
Let us take care of the headache of building your Sales Funnels & Marketing Pages. We have dozens of FREE templates Inside... Edit Them yourself or get us to set them up For You.
Step #1: Join Or FREE Template Club
Step #2: Download one Of Our Templates
Step #3: Start Editing or get us to do it
Websites As You Know It, Are "DEAD"! 
What Is A Sales Funnel...
What Is A Sales Funnel...
And Why Do You Need One?
If this is all new to you, then you're probably thinking, 
This short video should help explain things, but if you have any questions then get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.
Wtf Are Sales Funnels?? Watch This 3 Minute Video
Who Is The Funnel Consultant?
Who Is The Funnel Consultant?
Gareth Lamb full time funnel builder, digital nomad and founder of The Funnel Consultant.
"I've built funnels with ClickFunnels since day one and never looked back. My obsession with trying to automate everything, led me to my perfect profession, funnel building!"
The Funnel Consultant is a free resource of funnel templates (Funnel Club) and funnel building services.
The Funnel Consultant is run by me, "Gareth Lamb" so you'll always be dealing direct.
My aim is to help as many people get started with funnel marketing, regardless of whether they buy any services.
Our Funnel Services
Hands Free Management
This is our premium service where we built, get professional copy made, optimize and manage your complete funnel. This includes traffic and ad management. You can be safe in the knowledge that  the professionals are driving your business forward. This isn't cheap and we don't take every client, but... If  we  do take your business then its because we know we can make you money! 
Note: Currently we aren't taking on any more hands free clients. If you would like to be notified when  doors reopen, then get in touch on the email below.
Funnel Building
Sure, Clickfunnels is easy to use, but sometimes you just want the pro's to take care of it. We'll build, design and setup your funnel so it's ready for traffic and optimization. 

We normally charge $1000 - $2000 for a bespoke funnel.

Get in touch to arrange a quote.
Intro Videos
Videos are key to  presenting your brand in the right light. Our video intro stingers automatically  give your videos authority. These clips can be used again and again in all of your video Intros.
You get full commercial rights to use the videos as you please.
Funnel Club
Want FREE done for you funnels? Then our Funnel Club is for you.

We have over 30 templates for you to use and download already with more added monthly. You also have input on what we create next.

This is a perfect addition to ClickFunnels for those who feel comfortable using the system but would like a high converting template to work from.

Retirement Funnels
Watch this space... after  listening to what many businesses and clients need, we are creating a brand new  funnel management service.

We don't want to give too much away at the moment, but lets just say it's going to be epic!

Check back soon for an update.
Training & Support
ClickFunnel support is great, but often your funnel questions go beyond the ClickFunnels platform.

That's where our ongoing support  for customers can really be worth it's weight in gold!

Lets face it you can never have too much support...

This support is on all of our  subscription services and it includes customers who bought ClickFunnels via  The Funnel Consultant.

Just drop us an email, we'd love to chat.

If You have Any Questions Or Need Help Please contact [email protected]

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If You have Any Questions Or Need Help Please contact [email protected]

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