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What Is A Sales Funnel...
What Is A Sales Funnel...
And which tool do I need?
If this is all new to you, then you're probably thinking, 
This short video should help explain things, but if you have any questions then get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.
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Wtf Are Sales Funnels?? Watch This 3 Minute Video
Who Is The Funnel Consultant?
Who Is The Funnel Consultant?
Gareth Lamb full time funnel builder, digital nomad and founder of The Funnel Consultant.
"I've built funnels with ClickFunnels since day one and never looked back. My obsession with trying to automate everything, led me to my perfect profession, funnel building!"
I want The Funnel Consultant to become a hub for those looking for comprehensive step-by-step training on any funnel subject. From lead generation to drop-shipping!
The Funnel Consultant is run by me, "Gareth Lamb" so you'll almost always be dealing direct.
My aim is to help as many people as possible get started with funnel marketing... And not just with ClickFunnels, but with the tool that best suits their funnel goals.
Funnel Services
Hands Free Management
This is our premium service where we built, get professional copy made, optimize and manage your complete funnel. This includes traffic and ad management. You can be safe in the knowledge that  the professionals are driving your business forward. This isn't cheap and we don't take every client, but... If  we  do take your business then its because we know we can make you money! 
Note: Currently we aren't taking on any more hands free clients. 
Funnel Building
Though we are no longer offering bespoke funnel builds, we do now offer done-for-you products and services such as...

- Template packages
- Funnel setup service
- Funnel strategy sessions
- Coaching
- Facebook training
- Conversion tools
- And more...

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Funnel Marketing Training
We've created a number of ready to go template packages and support solutions to help get you started fast.

Checkout out new training space Funnel Startups for free and paid products.

More will be added soon. 

We create solutions based on what our audience asked for the most, get involved via our Facebook group.
Join Our Facebook Group
There are many working parts involved in automating an online business, if you need support and training our new Facebook group is a fast growing community of online entrepreneurs is the place to be. 

Access to the group is currently free and we will be doing many live in group trainings to help people with the basics of all the tools and methods required to get started.

Funnel Quiz??
Which Funnel Builder?
Not all funnel builders are right for every business...not even ClickFunnels.

So we've created a quiz to help you find the perfect match.

But if you'd like bespoke advice on which platform you should get, just send me an email (with a list of requirements) and I'll offer my opinion free of charge.
Got a general funnel marketing question?

We're happy to help.

Lets face it you can never have too much support...

If you've signed up for a funnel building tool via our site, then drop us an email.

We'd love to chat.

If You have Any Questions Or Need Help Please contact [email protected]

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If You have Any Questions Or Need Help Please contact [email protected]

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