These Are Our Top Marketing Tools!
We test dozens of new products every month...But few make the cut longterm. These are the ones we use daily and recommend to clients.
ClickFunnels - Funnel Builder
We've used ClickFunnels since day one and although it's pricey, it's a fantastic all-in-one funnel builder and marketing tool. You can build web pages, webinar funnels, sales funnels, membership funnels, lead capture funnels and much more. It's packed full of features and templates that make it a really flexible tool. It's still our main funnel builder. Click here for their 14-day free trial
Convertri - Funnel Builder
This is fast becoming our favorite funnel builder (watch out CF). It doesn't have all of the features of ClickFunnels (no webinar funnels, Actionetics or membership areas), but it has lighting fast page speeds making it a great choice for those targeting mobile markets. It can also import and duplicate any webpage (from url) making it the ultimate "Funnel hacking tool". It has many other features but if you just need slick sales funnels and web pages then check it out. You can get a trial and discounted rate here
Doodly - Doodle Sketch Video Creator
Reevio is great for all your video needs but, the Doodle sketch videos are just ok. If you want to create lots of REALLY good whiteboard style doodle sketch videos, then you need Doodly. These animated explainer videos convert really well. Learn more about Doodly here
Improvely - Link tracking
If you don't track everything then you'll never know whats actually converting. The built in stats for funnel builders and other tools are ok for internal numbers, but you need to go way deeper. Improvely allows me to track from ad, all the way through my pages and emails to sale/conversion. So I know what EXACTLY what worked. I can see the keyword they searched for, the ad they clicked, the pages they visited, how many times they visited, where they are, the device they used, how long it took them to buy and about a hundred other things. learn more about Improvely here
ProductDyno - Product delivery
If you sell or give away any digital product then you need to secure it and deliver it automatically. Perhaps across multiple platforms. Some tools have this built in, but if you want a solid and secure way to do this then you need Product Dyno. Learn more here
Provely - Social Proof
Have you seen those little pops that tell you someone just bought or signed up for the product you're viewing? The ones that say "Joe Bloggs from New York just purchase the product". Well you can have those on your sales pages or opt-in pages and they work really well for increasing conversions. I like Provely as it doesn't cost as much as Proof (the market leader). Learn more here
Demio - Better Webinars
Demio is relatively new (about one year old) but, it was built from the ground up by a team of successful marketers who wanted something better. I believe they've succeed, as Demio is easy to setup, fast, packed full of features and completely self hosted. So no Google hangouts or anything that has time lags. They also have one of the best "like live" replay setups I've seen, so if you want to record once and promote it a 1000 times then this is for you. Learn more here
PayKickstart - Affiliate Platform
ClickFunnels has a built in affiliate platform, however I highly recommend using a most advanced system like Paykickstart if you plan to use affiliates to sell your products. It's packed full of features and they charge a monthly fee rather than a percentage like other tools. It's perfect for both digital and physically products. Learn more here
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